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Photography for the 'Girls'

Photo Services

Hi my name is Jane Hughes.

I offer photographic services from only for £25.00 per hour. All appointments are individual and private. I only do one session a day, so giving you full detailed attention. I am a professional photographer who makes their living from Studio, Portrait, Wedding and Fashion photography.


I would expect a complete session to last approx 2 to 2 1/2 hours including manipulation time. All images would be reviewed on screen and the best 5 images corrected and enhanced to get rid of those little blemishes we all dont want to see. All images would then be cut to CD for you to take away with you. I would expect to capture approx 75-100 images.

You bring own clothes and as many changes as you like. You do your own make up. I have a good light private bathroom with loads of mirrors and you would be able to change here and re change after the session if you required.

You can arrive en femme but only if appropriately dressed.

Tea coffee by the gallon is included in the cost.

I am based in a quiet neighborhood just south of Oxford.

Email me at


Thanks Jane


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